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So, I got one of these, and I need to know how it works. Here's a video for anyone new to ComicShield, to explain folding and how the flaps are your friend.

Protect Your Investment style!

There was a hole in the comic universe, so we put our engineers to work crafting the ultimate defense to protect your valuables against the harsh shipping environment. ComicShield is a thoughtful new shipper designed with you in mind. Using experienced structural design and the help of industry experts, we’ve developed the ultimate protection your books deserve!

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The More You Know...


Thanks to the array of particle technology, quadruple re-enforced corners, friction stability, and oxygen-filled crumple zones, gone are the hassles and expense of painter’s tape, bubble wrap, packing tape, and other costly bits previously needed to protect your prized possessions.


The ComicShield system has arrived to provide you with confidence your items will arrive safely. This system is built for the ultimate value, quality, and protection. The object here is lofty, but simple. This is designed to improve the experience at every level. You’ve not only received a superior product your customers will be impressed with, but you’ve saved time and money. Who feels like the superhero now? I’m guessing, you!


The ComicShield came to fruition, as a response to a number of unaddressed problems involving shippers in the industry. GammaShield is the first component, a container to protect raw "bagged and boarded" comics of all ages.

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What is the most valuable commodity in life? Time! We want to help give you back some of this precious commodity, and be better because of it. With other shippers, the amount of time and effort required to get comics out the door was painstaking, and the hidden costs beating you up. ComicShield simplifies the entire process. 

Fold up the box ahead of the comic shipment, insert comic, and you’re done! That means no time, money, or energy spent on those items ever again. Just think of it, no more time waiting in lines, taping down books, or adding peanuts and bubble wrap. What will you do with all that extra time and money? You’re already pondering that next… aren’t you?

After folding a handful of these shippers, you’ll be impressing yourself and others with your expertise and speed staging these boxes. I’m under a minute each. Impressed yet? Check out my video where I show you how to master the task. You and your team will beat me in no time.



GammaShield was designed to be inserted into flat rate legal envelopes. It is intended to be a protective container.

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The other thing that drove us nuts was an inability to advertise. What if you wanted to advertise your store? Or perhaps your next big event or book? You want to offer a limited coupon? All of these things, and more, are on the table with ComicShield. 

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GammaShield won’t break the bank, either. In spite of the numerous advantages, this container is priced competitively, as a complete answer. When you look at the entire solution, from the time and materials saved, to the price points available… Comic Shield is an easy choice.

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What fits in the box?

Multifunctional Comic Solution

It will fit anywhere from one comic to around 10-12, depending on paper and page count. The friction tabs are designed so the quantity doesn’t affect function. There are no additional perforations. Perhaps you still want to ship a top loader? With the tabs left underneath, this container fits those, as well. 

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The raw book shipper and the multi (slabs too) shipper are the first compatible solution, but our story is just beginning. We have more on the horizon, and cannot wait to get you the defenses you need.

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We were thinking of you when we created this shipper, because we are you. We thought of every way we could to give you back some of the good life: 

  • Designing a multi-purpose shipper for versatility: 8-12 books, top loaders, all ages

  • Eliminating the need for unnecessary shipping supplies

  • Providing multi-purpose friction tabs to keep comics securely in a safe place

  • Building in crumple zones to keep comics away from harm

  • Pre-staging shippers ahead of comic deliveries

  • Taking advantage of maximum strength engineering using robust 200 pound corrugated

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Need More Info?

You now have options to reach customers in more ways, using flexo, litho, or digital print for customization. Leave your customers so impressed, they start collecting the containers too.

Thanks for submitting!

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