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Product Description



SlabShield is designed to house and ship one to two graded comics However, they also fit a single ComicShield box. The size and durability combine to offer an incredible value for shipping your investment. You can also place one of these into an OuterShield along with a ComicShield to ship multiple graded books and raw books simultaneously. 

This product addresses three major areas of concern. First, a stronger container to protect your books. We used best-in-industry 200-pound test strength corrugated. Furthermore, the use of double rollover folds triples the strength of the board. The inserts are designed to space the graded books away from the edges of the SlabShield. The space created acts as an additional area of protection. Third, you can prepare your boxes ahead of book delivery to streamline your logistics production.

Then there is customization. We offer a number of custom printing solutions for every possible customer need. These containers aren't just shippers. They are an opportunity to sell your next product. They're strong enough, where they will not be thrown away after a single use. That means your customer will keep them or re-use them. That means your brand has the opportunity to reach other customers.

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