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Fold & Ship Instructions


Complete First Time Guide

This is a complete guide to building the boxes. It's worth it to take a little time up front, in order to make the process easier over time. Some professional tips and tricks to make your life easier in the long run, and provide you with the maximum protection for your raw bagged and boarded books.

Using Friction Tabs

All about the friction tab design, how they work, and how to place and remove books from them. Our tabs use friction instead of tape to hold books into place to reduce the amount of pressure on the spine. When books are placed properly, and the lid secured safely, books are provided the ultimate protection.

Slab Multi Shipper

You want to ship slabs without a massive roll of bubble wrap and tape? ParticalShield is the second component of the ComicShield shipping system, designed to ship slabs, up to 20 raw comics in combination with GammaShield, or a combination of both. You can ship one to four slabs using this container. It fits perfectly in a USPS Priority 1095 box.

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