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Advertising Program


As a small business, you need every possible cost reduction. Our new ad program will enable access to the industry's best shipping protection at the lowest cost.



Are you seeking to engage the comic and collectible demographic?

ComicShield offers direct marketing opportunities to increase brand and event awareness to attract them... resulting in higher comic consumer traffic.


Sign Up for Savings

This program is simple. Advertising reduces costs for small businesses and individuals to safely ship their comics and collectibles. If you are looking for shipping savings, this is for you. 

This is designed to help everyone from the app seller to the brick and mortar. Sign up for the program and enjoy our products at a +70% savings. Why do I need to sign up? In order to ensure everyone has access to this program, we must limit monthly quantities. We are doing this to help everyone, not just a select few.

What advertising are we talking about? You will not be forced to advertise your competitors. Retailers are not eligible to advertise as part of the program. Advertising is open to publishers, conventions, independent creators, graders, journalist programming, and vendors outside the comic market. If you sell comics, you are not allowed to advertise as part of this program. If that's you, please check out our customization page.

What is the catch? The only catch is that everyone involved benefits from the program. We started this product line to help out small businesses and creators. It is our way of creating opportunity and benefit for all parties. 

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