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Free Independent Creator Advertising Program

ComicShield is excited to announce our first branded shipper series. The primary objective of this program is two-fold. One, reduce costs for retailers—especially small businesses trying to survive in this world. Two, provide opportunities to independent creators and artists out there building dreams.

The Free Independent Creator Ad Space is a program that showcases an artist or creator project across the country at no cost whatsoever. We are starting with one such space, shipping at the beginning of 2023. We will run a four-week submission timeline. The winner will be selected to be promoted nationally on ComicShield shippers. All qualified finalists will be promoted on our website. 

To qualify, you must simply contact us through social media or email, share the post you saw promoting this program, and reply to that post feed expressing your interest. Your project should be ready to launch in Q2 (April – June) 2023. Your project can be Kickstarter or just through social or your website.

Your project must be independent from a publisher. You will be asked to provide the title, concept synopsis, link to your project, a full credits list, and a note about you and what makes your project crucial to you. Cover and interior artist(s) concepts are encouraged. Your project can be a comic or graphic novel. ComicShield will sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your project prior to the submission of any materials. 

Why are we doing this? I’m an independent creator myself. When I got into this industry, I started ComicShield initially for my own project. It is tough finding traction and promotion opportunities. I want to help provide an opportunity to someone else that I did not have available. It is important to me personally to provide a platform to those out there trying to create their dream project. I think it’s important to this industry. There is nothing more to it past that. Simply a desire to help someone else.





For now, this is promoted entirely internally. However, if you wish to be a part of helping the smallest creators build their dreams... Perhaps you'd like to help us sponsor this program. Email us today.

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