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We offer three types of custom printing to apply your branding and designs to any of our products.


Flexo Printing

Flexographic printing is a method of printing large quantities of corrugated containers. Custom projects using Flexo require large flexible plates, and therefore we mitigate the pricing of those plates by producing large quantities. In ComicShields, the minimum order is 5,000 units. In SlabShields, the minimum order is 1,000 units.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a large flatbed digital printer that allows for short run projects with a high quality four-color process finish. These have minimal setup, which keeps the price down. That said, these are not a cheap option. They are ideal for promotions, exclusives and similar projects.

Litho Printing

Lithography is a five-color 600-dpi high quality magazine quality print directly to the box. This style of printing requires really high quantities to take advantage. We suggest a minimum order or 10,000 units to get the price per unit to a reasonable amount. However, if you ship a ton of books, and you want to make a wow statement, this is a beautiful product.

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