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Comic and collectible suppliers need security and recognition around their products and brand.
We have that answer. Find your solution in our product line below.

ComicShield Nested ALL for Website.png

Fits all raw bagged and boarded ages. Can fit up to ten books.

Friction tabs keep edges safe and books in place.

Double rollovers add strength to 200# test corrugated board.

Fits one to two graded books or one ComicShield.

Customizable pre-glued inserts keep slabs safe.

Outer 200# test structure is best in class.

Fits up to six graded books, three ComicShields, or a combination.

Double rollovers add strength to 200# test corrugated.

Outer 200# test heavy-duty structure doubles up for best-in-class strength.

A secure product is key to customers' happiness.

Your top priority is satisfied customers. You don't want to be forgotten, nor your customers discouraged from purchasing from you in the future. So, why risk future sales? Put your products into the safest products on the market, and do it with your brand right there for them to recognize you. Be on their minds and in their hearts.

Our process makes it easy...


Step 1: Select Your Product

Do you ship comics, slabs, or collectibles? Our product line works together or separately based on your shipping needs.


Step 2: Customize It

Do you want customized materials to help market future sales to your target clients? Ask us for help.


Step 3: Fold & Ship

Once you've sorted out a plan, how do you fold? Click here for instructions. We are still there to support your questions.

What Clients Say

"How were you able to ship that many books in one day by yourself? ComicShield."

Ready to deliver an amazing product?

You now have options to reach customers in more ways, using flexo, litho, or digital print for customization. Leave your customers so impressed, they start collecting the containers too.

Thanks for submitting!

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