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Protect Your Investment style!

ComicShield is a new technology built for the best value, quality, and protection in the comic trading world. There was a hole in the universe, so we put our engineers to work to craft the ultimate defense to protect against the harsh conditions of the shipping industry.


Thanks to an array of particle technology, quadruple enforced corners, friction stability, and oxygen-filled crumple zones; you’ll never need to use inferior old-world tactics like painter’s tape, bubble wrap, packing tape, and other random bits to fend off the austere environments they encounter.


A comic shipping container designed specifically for raw bagged and boarded modern and silver aged books.

Reinforced clam shell box top, that does not require heavy tape. Just open to unveil the product.

Corners and edges are spaced away from the edges, creating a crush zone to protect your investment.

Reinforced corners rate at 90 pounds of pressure in crush tests. 

Friction tabs hold the book into place without the need of painter's tape or other potentially damaging products.

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